How to Style BIG and Bold Jewelry Pieces!

Keep it simple.

The Bigger the better right? Unless you choose to wear big everything! Choose a large piece or two and stick with it- too much can be overwhelming. Try not to match your multicolored necklace with your earrings…and shoes…bracelet and purse. Find one common tone and stick with it or make sure whatever large piece you are wearing is the only thing that is NOT matching everything else. Too much of the same color in large quantities can be a little corny.

Show a little skin.


Large earrings and necklaces can often be seen as too extravagant when paired with over complicated clothing. Show a little skin- try a shoulderless top or strapless dress to show of your pieces. This allows your jewelry to be the center of attention.



Sometimes bracelets should be worn on bare arms- especially if you choose to wear multiple at once. Mixing and matching materials/colors is in- so try something different.


Hair Hair Hair.

If you choose to wear earrings or a necklace that pops- let it pop! Avoid masking these accents by doing too much with your hair. Tie it up to show-off  your shoulders or to frame your face.

Put a Ring on it!

Are you one of those people who talk with your hands? Throw a ring on your finger… maybe two or three! The great thing about rings is that they are not the first piece of jewelry others notice on you- so often you can wear more than one and mix it up. This works very well with large earrings-but be careful with clashing colors and styles with big and bold necklaces: balance is key


Above all, BE FEARLESS.

Sometimes attitude dictates your ability to pull off a look. If you want to take the advice of our style gurus than do just that…or you can completely ignore it and do your own thing! Either way confidence will always win in the end…so put it on and be fearless!