Fearless Feature: Whitney Keaton

Sincerely Fearless got the opportunity to get the scoop on the soulful serenader, Whitney Keaton who you may recognize for being the lead background vocalist for Alicia Keys (she has also sung background for Estelle and Rita Ora) or better known as 1/2 of RAIIWK, a duo comprised of both Whitney and her husband Raii. We got all of the exclusives on what makes Mrs. Whitney a fearless fashionista and we're luckily going to share it with you. Whitney's effortless ballad belting and lovable personality were few of many reasons why she had to be our next Fearless Feature. Don't just take our word for it, hear it for yourselves by purchasing RAIWK's latest single #NoWorriesStepClap through their website RAIIWK.COM. Also be sure to join their Instagram competition by following the #NoWorriesStepClap GUIDELINES:

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Simple enough, right? Well here's our Fearless Feature on Whitney Keaton!



1. What makes a woman fearless?

What makes a women fearless is when she can consistently walk boldly in HUMILITY and GRACE. When she can walk in enough security that it inspires whomever is connected to her or watching her to embrace their own greatness. Never assuming the seat next to the king, but letting her character and integrity make the king feel she deserves to be honored. 

2. What is a fear that you have faced or conquered and how did you do it?

A fear that I faced was being fired from my position as a backing vocalist of Alicia Keys, while on my 1st tour, "As I Am" in 2007. I conquered it by not competing for my spot but maximizing the opportunity that was given to me. I maximized by staying teachable and respecting those in authority. It was beneficial for me personally and as a team player to try over & over again until I was able to excel in what was taught to me.  I learned the importance of discipline, timeliness and taking notes of everything so that I'd always know where we were even if there were frequent changes. I never gave up or compared myself to who was before me but always worked to become a more consistent, dependable, and valuable me. As of last October, I've made 6 years with Ms. Keys and have acquired the title of lead backing vocalist.  My opinions and suggestions are both welcomed and respected as it relates to arranging the backing vocals for the live performances.

3. What's three words that you would use to describe your own personal style? Why those three words?

Three words that would describe my style are:


I chose BOLD because growing up as a dark skinned girl I was teased for being "too Dark." I automatically thought I wasn't suppose to wear bright colors because it magnified how "dark" I was. Now, I love my dark skin & i enjoy wearing bright colors. They compliment each other because "I" enjoy them both.


I chose FREE because I no longer feel that having long dark hair is the only way that i can be "acceptable" or seen as beautiful. About 7 years ago I cut my hair and I've been going shorter and lighter. The long hair helped cover my face that I was insecure about and well, my short hair allows my face to stand on it's own. I feel free with my blonde hair on my dark skin and my short cut on my full-lipped, high cheek-boned, big-eyed face!:)


I chose ECLECTIC because I no longer feel the need to match with the same colors with every piece I'm wearing. I use to wear Red, shoes, with a Red purse, with a Red jacket etc. Now, I feel put together with fashionable pieces that compliment each other, that express the way I'm feeling that day, and that are practical.

Whitney is rocking our "Poppin' My Collar" necklace in Antique gold.

Whitney is rocking our "Poppin' My Collar" necklace in Antique gold.

4.  If you could choose between living the rest of your life just wearing plain clothes and no accessories or beautiful, bold accessories and clothing was optional which route would you choose? 

I would choose option C, which is plain clothes & bold I totally made that up but that's how I feel. I choose plain clothes because I feel so much more free in my skin than ever before. However, accessories always bring such LIFE to it all.

5. What song lyrics evokes fearlessness to you (You can use pre-existing songs or create some of your own)?

"You've been fighting, keep going. You've been low so you can go higher. Don't rush yourself, embrace the preparation. Let them talk, let them talk, they don't know how great you are. Hey! No Worries, we'll get through it all!" -WK 

"No Worries" - A Time For Everything

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